God Knows

You have my deepest sympathy,
but it really doesn’t help.
Your grief goes beyond
what words can express.

There’s nothing anyone can say,
and nothing we can do
to heal your broken heart
or take away your pain.

Let God take you in His arms
and cover you with His love.
He knows the depth of your grief
and only He can give you peace.
He knows it will take time
for your heart to heal, and
your loved one has a place
that no one else can fill.

If there’s any comfort let it be in this,
your loved one is with Jesus,
in a home that’s filled with bliss.
There are no tears in Heaven,
no more heartache and no pain,
only love and happiness
for all eternity.

We must go on living and
do the best we can,
then when Jesus calls our name
we will be with them again.

Reatha Crow