Amanda Tankersley

Dr. Gallenstein was my first doctor. He will be extremely missed. I used to see him regularly as a child, my family and I moved away, army life, and I returned to Cincinnati as an adult in 2003. I got sick and my grandmother said we needed to go to the doctor, when we got to Dr. G’s office I thought surely he wouldn’t remember me, all of the patients he has, I was sure. Sure enough he proved me wrong,he even still had my chart on a 5×7 card all of my history was on that card, and information that wasn’t was in his head. I have very fond memories of Dr. Gallenstein, he is very much a part of my childhood. I used to love going to the doctor because Dr. Gallenstein would give me the ‘pink stuff’, amoxicillin. I loved taking that medicine. My thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones. Please know that he will live on forever in our hearts.