Buddy’s Mom

A Dedication To The Blessed
by: © Bill
Her love of son was ne’er in doubt,
Nor gloom, nor pity filled her heart,
With final breathe…his candle out,
Then mother and son too soon did part.
And though her pain within, shall dwell,
No loss was e’er as harsh her grief-
Than when her son to death befell,
His life alas… was all too brief.

Their bond of love no death shall steal,
Nor joy, nor hope, nor memory fade,
His touch no longer shall she feel,
Since low’d to earth his body laid.
But righteous live in eternal peace,
Nor death, nor hatred, will not taint,
His loving ways shall never cease,
For God makes of him…an immortal Saint.

My Eternal Love my Handsome Boy