Fred Weidenweber

As happens way to often in life we put off those things we ought to do and replace them with meaningless endeavors.
What is more important than the people who had great meaning or impact in your life? So many times in the past years since I left P&G I have wondered how Tom was doing. How was his health; what was he doing to occupy his time; was he enjoying life and retirement as much as he should?

For me those questions remained unanswered as I didn’t take the time to dial the phone, I didn’t take the time to get in the car to visit or just say hi. I am so ashamed of myself for being so thoughtless.

Tom, I am sorry. You meant a lot to me while we shared time at P&G. You always seemed to be on my side when I was troubled. That meant so very much to me. You were always, though not close, a good and valued friend.

I will miss you very much. Thank God that you were a part of my life. God Bless your soul.
Fred Weidenweber