Janine Hartman

The Good Steward

He came to us as an accidental University College Dean,newly arrived in a time of crisis.

Within a week he was on the elevator, riding back down to talk to students–who immediately called him “Dean Leo,” and responded to his kindness and engagement.

For the faculty he was present early and late, and doing his best to make the University College live up to its charge of social justice and equal access to education for all.

As a scholar of Catholic education, Leo knew well the idea of “vocare” a calling to a profession and a task. In graduation procession a few years ago, we walked in academic regalia a few years ago, enjoying the occasion and the people. When the staff collected the caps,doctoral hoods and gowns back for the rental firm, he hung onto his, and smiling said “I bought mine the instant I was entitled to wear it.” No one ever brought a teacher’s life more honor, or set a better example of what education should bring to life and community.

We miss him.

Janine Hartman
Professor of History
University of Cincinnati