Kathleen Hipskind Maier

Dear Toni, Denise, and all members of the Surette Family,
It’s Mrs. Hipskind from Mt. Notre Dame High School, Cincinnati, and as I was in town over the Christmas holidays, I learned of the death of your dear husband and father. I am sorry I was unable to attend his funeral, but I wanted you to know that I extend to you and all your family my deepest sympathy and promise of prayers. I’d love to hear from Denise to see what’s been happening in her life since our years together at MND. I know these days must be difficult ones for you. I hope that the knowledge that Frank is now pain-free and resting comfortably in the loving embrace of the One who made Him brings you all great consolation and joy. God bless you all. John & Kathleen Hipskind Maier