Lynne and Bob Kopac

Dearest Mary Beth, Katie, Brant, and Adam,

Our hearts go out to you at your loss. Mary Beth, we are hugging you now in love and sympathy. You are like a sister to me, Mary Beth — we always have the special bond as birthday buddies being born on the exact same day in the same year. And then, after graduating from high school together and going to college, David came into your life as “the special one” like Bob in my life, and the four of us got along famously. We were bridesmaids for each other – wonderful and beautiful events for all of us. You and David brought our wedding album to us in New York so my parents didn’t have to mail it to us! No matter the time and distance, we always got together when we could: in Youngstown over Thanksgiving, your visiting us in Poughkeepsie, our visiting you in Ohio. We just picked up where we left off and always got caught up.

We will miss David.

With all our love, Lynne and Bob