Maria-Pilar Lanillos and Faklan Family

Dear Sandra:
Both of our families we meet when we arrived in Hamilton, Canada. We used to play together. I am so sad to hear that he passed away so suddenly. You are all in my thoughts and I will miss him dearly. My family sends condolences to everyone. I am Choni’s sister and Rose’s aunt, (Rose – Hector’s fiancée).

Suddenly I left you all my love ones
But within your sorrow, rejoice for me
Because I am now seating beside my Father, God
Where peace, love and tranquility surround me
I will pray for you all, my love ones
So that my passing will not leave you all full of distress
But gradually and with God’s love, you all will find again happiness
And remember all our memories filled with love
So that the wait will not be extensive
Cause as God promised
We soon be reunited