Melissa Thompson Broxterman

I worked with Marty at Delshire. Marty and I had classrooms right next to each other where we both taught first grade. We were close in age so we hung out together and talked a lot. I loved Marty!!! She never had a bad thing to say about ANYBODY! Whenever I was having a hard time she would pick me up off my feet and invite me to places to take my mind off of things. She had the greatest fiery personality. She was so motivated in helping the most challenging students too. We had a lot of good times together. She came to my wedding and celebrated with me too. Unfortunately when she left Delshire a year or so later I lost touch with her. I got married and she taught in a new school. But I did not forget about her. Hearing this news was really hard for me. I really feel for your family and Lilly. Marty was such a great person and is most definitely in peace in heaven!