Pam Lykins

Thank You for being such a wonderful, loving, and caring mother. You were always there when I needed someone to talk to, always there when I needed a hug, and you were always there to help me with the kids. You were a wonderful grandmother and cared for Ben and Sam as if they were your own. I miss my shopping buddy so much…well, it wasn’t exactly shopping. It was always like going on a comedy tour with you…we would laugh until it hurt! I’m so sorry you had to go through the Alzheimer’s. It was so painful watching it tear you down, day after day, year after year. You were so strong, beating pneumonia and colon cancer in the past years, but I guess the Lord needed you to come home. We will all miss you but we don’t want you to hurt any more. We will carry you in our hearts forever. So go live in eternal happiness and put in a good word for us so we can see you again someday! Love You Mom! Your daughter, Pam