Pastor J. Shegog

1930 W. Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45239
Jeannette Thomas Shegog, Pastor
April 16, 2010

WHEREAS Edwin Gallenstein has loved the Lord his God with all his heart, and with all his soul,
And with all his might.

WHEREAS He has kept the words that God
Commanded him in his heart.

WHEREAS he served the Lord his God and served God as God molded him to be all that he could be.

We celebrate the life he lived with the Lord.
Remember this:

“Don’t let this throw you. You trust God, don’t you? Trust me. There is plenty of room for you in my Father’s home. If that weren’t so, would I have told you that I’m on my way to get a room ready for you? And if I’m on my way to get your room ready, I’ll come back and get you so you can live where I live. And you already know the road I’m taking.”

Please know that the household of Faith At Hilltop United Methodist Church Loves You and Is
Praying with you at this time.

Jeannette Thomas Shegog,Pastor Claudia Neiman, Lay Leader