Pete Fluegeman

I will never forget 40 years ago when Pat Kemper told me about the new neighbors moving in next to him and that they had 3 kids. Who would have thought what that day would mean to both of us. Now when I look back I just smile, the Green Hornet soccer team, the Tuesday night softball games at Caldwell, the pool in the backyard. I Remember sitting on the side porch as your mom would be spraying it off because somebody said a bad word, that porch sure did get sprayed a lot back then. Remember when we got older and Pat got the blue Duster and we would drive around without a care in the world and think we were hot.
Fast forward to last month when Karen, you, and I sat at the kitchen table and talked about the old times and what a great time it was. I asked you what I could do you and in your typical fashion you told me don’t worry about me take care of Danny. You don’t have to worry about that we’ll take care of Danny, you can count on that. When I got ready to leave you got up and walked me to my car and gave a big hug and told me you loved me, that moment will never be forgotten. As I looked out at your backyard when I drove away I just smiled and said thanks for the memories and everything you did for me.
Love Pete