Tim Liester


I apologize this belated note. I worked with your dad at TJ and GP.

I just wanted you to know that your dad was one of the most genuine, sincere men I have ever met. He was always positive and his quick wit and self deprecating humor quickly diffused any tense situation. And we had many of those, when we were managers helping GP get their Engineered Lumber Program off the ground.

It is said that many coaches are “players coaches”, your dad was a “salesman manager”…he was always willing to help anyone and remained patient and optimistic in any situation. I specifically remember a meeting he and I had with big customer in Springfield, Mo…it wasn’t going well and I was very frustrated and he calmed me down and helped me see the positive side of the issue.

I regret that he and I drifted apart, after I left GP in 1997. I spoke to him about your sister, when she was fighting her illness and always admired his strength during that difficult time.

I’m truly sorry for your loss…I’m a better man for having known Fred!

God Bless!

Tim Liester
Manager of TC Lumber Division
Lyman Lumber Company